Statement for Release of the Madison County Heart & Soul Report

The Madison County Heart & Soul initiative is based upon the Orton Family Foundation’s Community Heart and Soul program. The purpose of Madison County Heart and Soul is to honor the ideas and values of incorporated communities, rural areas, and neighborhoods. Heart and Soul believes that the strength of a community lies in the hearts and the minds of the people who live there. Madison County Heart & Soul’s purpose is to honor the voices of the citizens of the county as we develop a county-wide future that represents what matters most to the residents. The best way to identify Madison County’s distinctive character – and to find the means to protect it – is to listen to people who live in the county.

The Madison County Heart & Soul committee reached out to ThriVinci, an Omaha, Nebraska, nonprofit that specializes in organizational development and effectiveness consulting. This work was funded by grants from the Greater Madison County Community Foundation and funding from the Madison County Board of Supervisors. ThriVinci analyzed the responses in order to provide a framework for unbiased data-driven decision making. ThriVinci quantified responses so they could be organized into manageable groups of ideas. The findings empower the communities and extend the collective voice of the citizens.

This report is released to the Madison County Board of Supervisors and is available to all residents of Madison County. 

Questions from the Winterset 7th grade social studies interviews, April 2018

Question 1: Why did you move to Winterset/Madison County? OR, if you are a “native” of the community, why do you stay here?

Question 2: What makes the Winterset community (or Madison County) unique to you and why?

Question 3: What would make Madison County an even better place to live?

Question 4: What hopes or concerns do you have about what the future holds for Madison County?

Question 5: What have you observed in Madison County that shows we are a close, connected, supportive community?