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Winterset Community Heart & Soul Leadership Team

Click on the links below to view the Winterset Community’s responses to each question. Winterset data from the Madison County Heart & Soul Findings (ThriVinci Report) can be accessed below.

Q1: What do you love about your community?

Q2: What are the most important places in your community?

Q3: As Madison County grows, what about your community should stay the same?

Q4: As Madison County grows, what about your community should change?

Q5: What would make your community a better place to live?

Q6: What else is important to you about where you live?

Responses to the survey questions above are organized into the following categories, which connect to the Heart & Soul statements. Responses to Question 2 are illustrated in a word cloud.

  • Small Town Feel
  • People Characteristics (Values, Attitudes, Behaviors, Relationships)
  • Commerce, Business, Jobs
  • The Square
  • Recreation / Entertainment / Activities
  • Community Involvement (Groups, Churches, Volunteering)
  • City Government (Library, Safety, Services)
  • Planning / Growth / Housing
  • City Land Use, Appearance, Property
  • History, Arts & Culture (Museums, Heritage)
  • Rural Life / County Issues (Land Preservation, Wind)
  • Schools
  • Health Care / Elderly & Family Services
  • Other

Questions from the Winterset 7th grade social studies interviews, April 2018

Question 1: Why did you move to Winterset/Madison County? OR, if you are a “native” of the community, why do you stay here?

Question 2: What makes the Winterset community (or Madison County) unique to you and why?

Question 3: What would make Madison County an even better place to live?

Question 4: What hopes or concerns do you have about what the future holds for Madison County?

Question 5: What have you observed in Madison County that shows we are a close, connected, supportive community?